Internal design and layout

When the internal design of a book is done professionally, it will include a lot of very small elements that might otherwise go unnoticed. Taken together, however, the result will be a book that looks and feels like it has been professionally produced. And that will be because it has been.

These elements will include the proper layout of your copyright page; they will include your running heads and chapter head pages. Your book will avoid the pitfalls of widows and orphans, and will make sure you don’t fall victim to any issues around fonts or spacing.

A good designer is integral to the publishing process, and will assist and advise and make sure your book looks as good as it should.

Good looks aside, using a professional designer can save an author significant amounts of money by making sure that the size of the book is the most appropriate for its genre and the most efficient for the printer you are using. At Carrowmore, we ask a lot of our designers on your behalf. They have proved, however, more than capable of doing anything we have ever asked of them.

The cost of internal design will depend on the genre and the length, as these are the factors which determine how much time each design will take. We are happy to advise every author on this, and to arrange multiple quotes for internal design to meet each author’s needs and budget.

We are happy to design books for print, or to prepare your book for upload to one of the online print-on-demand services.