Manuscript Evaluation

At Carrowmore, we are delighted to team up with the very talented Emma and Jo, two highly experienced editors we are lucky to know. They will be happy to review your manuscript or idea and to offer their help. There are two levels of assessment here, the Idea Report and Full Manuscript Evaluation, as below.

1) The Idea Report

We request the full manuscript if it is just a short picture book, or a synopsis and sample if it is a longer work. The author will receive a one- to two-page report commenting on the book’s suitability for its readership, its language, tone and story structure, as well as the market potential.

Fee: €300


2) The Full Manuscript Evaluation Report

We request the finished manuscript and will read through it all, commenting on sections of the text in detail, suggesting structural and editorial changes to improve its flow and readability. We will mark up the manuscript itself and send a three- to five-page report of ideas on: plot, structure, language, tone, style, references, use of quotations, features and illustration, as appropriate. We will also offer guidance on the market for your book and how best to reach it, as well as the competition and how to better it.

Fee: €500 (For manuscripts up to 50,000 words, thereafter an additional €100 per 10,000 words you wish us to review, but we are more than happy to look at samples)