An author speaks

My experience of private publication

Nearly two years ago I had an idea for a biography, so I started my research and, as details accumulated, I started to write my book. After a year-and-a-half I believed I had gathered up nearly all that was available and had written it up as well as I could. When another in a line of publishers declined on the grounds that the probable sales might not be sufficient for commercial success, I felt it was time for a decision. There were three options: (a) Jeffrey Archer’s first book was apparently declined thirteen times before it was accepted, so should I continue the process? (b) Put my book away in a dark place and find another hobby, or (c) private publication. I felt that neither (a) nor (b) was realistic, so the decision was (c) with Carrowmore. So now I have bound copies of my book and gradually the pile is decreasing as they are sold. Life should go on as usual whether or not I sell them all, (but I will feel all the better the fewer remain) so I am happy I made that choice.

In trying to sell my book I am helped by the fact that the copies look professional, and that is because it was put together, designed, printed and bound by professionals. The whole process, from my decision to proceed right to the delivery of the packages went very well, eased on its way by the frequent e-mails in each direction, dealing with all the little things. I was sent proofs and had time to peruse them and request action on just a few items. It has all lived up to what I expected and I am pleased to be the author of a published biography.