New release – Morbid Thoughts


We are very pleased to announce that Morbid Thoughts, the debut novel by Michael McGovern, is now on sale and available in print and ebook.

About the book:

Aaron Walsh is a psychopath. For years he has kept that fact hidden, but one bad day is about to bring it all out into the open. When Jane Flannery walks into his computer repair store, he becomes obsessed. He wants to know every detail about her life. Unfortunately for Jane, Aaron has everything he needs. Her computer. Jane is in great danger and she doesn’t even know it yet.

About the author:

Michael McGovern was born in Perth, Australia to Irish parents. He relocated to Dublin, Ireland at a young age and took a keen interest in writing. He dropped out of secondary school due to his messed-up nature and became a pro wrestler for a while (true story). After he grew tired of wearing spandex, he bounced around from one customer service job to another until his hair fell out and he couldn’t take it anymore. In secret he conspired to follow through on his dream of becoming a published writer. And now he has.