Step 3 – Completing the process

Every job we take on is reviewed in-house and checked for quality at each stage before being released back to the author.

If this a copyedit, we put each work through a series of spot checks, which includes a seven-stage quality control check that we have been honing for several years in our various pasts in the realms of commercial publishing.

If it’s a design job, again, there are certain points that are always checked, and we will make sure that things like the dimensions of your book or the spine width are all correct before letting this go back to you.

If we’re publishing the book with you, we will have put each book through all of the checks above and more, and your books will soon be arriving, fresh from the printers.

Our belief is that our calling card is the work that we do for you, that our books are our CV. So we want you to be happy, and will be available for any queries you might have long after your book is published.